Martha Krejci

Martha Krejci is a highly sought after business coach, growth strategist, and pre-eminent in the affiliate marketing space. (Just think making money without spending money, while making people’s lives better) and social media marketing powerhouse who has taken the internet by storm. She even has her own bi-weekly segment on Tampa’s WFLA TV News Station where she expands on building a multi-million dollar personal brand from the ground up. Martha is featured in Fox , ABC and CBS news, Oprah Magazine, Fast Company, Cosmopolitan, Shape and Huffington Post among other places. She now also writes for Entrepreneur and Forbes Magazine, and is on the Forbes Business Cou

Her intuitive marketing expertise has drastically changed not only her own life, but the lives of hundreds of thousands of students as well using a strategy she teaches openly through courses, group coaching and other tried-and-true resources. From finding your passion and market position to building a personal brand from nothing, she teaches it all to anyone that's ready. And most importantly, Martha is THRILLED to be equipping the Christlikepreneurs of the world to be blessed, and bless others through their own personal ministries.