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The Affiliate University

Where you learn to make money without having to spend it

When I was still sitting in my carpeted cubicle (that smelled like the 60’s….we all know that smell, right?) Anyhow…when I was there, dreaming of a day I would be able to quit and just do what I wanted….that’s when I FIRST tried my hand at affiliate marketing.

It's a simple concept: you promote other people's products and earn a commission on every sale. Sounds easy enough, right? But if you've ever tried your hand at affiliate marketing, you know that it's not always as simple as it seems. In fact, it can be downright frustrating trying to make any sort of significant income from your efforts. But it doesn't have to be that way. With the right approach, affiliate marketing can be an incredibly effective way to earn a scalable full-time income online without having to create anything of your own.

See, I wasn’t yet ready to create courses, do coaching, or open up a shop…I just wanted to be able to create income SOMEHOW.
The most awesome thing is that affiliate marketing is where MOST BUSINESSES are focusing their attention!

Do you know what that means?

Ok, let me break it down this way. When I started wayyyy back when…I didn’t have a ton of companies to be able to promote, so I was naturally limited.

TODAY is very different….there are hundreds of THOUSANDS of companies out there embracing their affiliate marketer teams.

The fun part is I’m “in the loop” with a TON of them, so I know what they are looking for, and how to really impress them, which is cool 🙂

Anyway, back to my point. Affiliate or referral marketing is only getting bigger and better by the day, but most people still have no idea how to harness it to pay their bills, put their kids through school, buy houses and so on….that’s what this course is going to teach you.

I’m going to show you EXACTLY what I do to CRUSH affiliate marketing. I am “no fluff”. I pull no punches. I give it to you straight.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn how to become an affiliate and get your links
  • Learn how to research what people are searching for so you can deliver on needs
  • Learn to build a loyal following of people that become friends over time
  • ​You will learn how to find the best products and services for you to share
  • ​Learn how to share your links without being salesy and weird
  • ​You will learn how to make sure your website shows up near the top of the search engines 
  • ​You will even learn how to write compelling and persuasive copy that will help you convert your traffic to sales
  • ​You will learn how to make affiliate marketing a LONG TERM LEGACY PLAY (so it continues after you’re gone)
  • ​You’ll learn how to network and develop relationships with big affiliate managers
  • ​And finally how to leverage those new relationships into your own offer.
    At the end of the day, I’m teaching you exactly how to create an “EVERGREEN” or timeless site that is always sitting in service to your people, and driving income day after day after day, year after year after year, regardless of you showing up every day or not.

    This is the unfair advantage you’ve been looking for. You can now be one of “those people” that just seem to know something everyone else doesn’t.
    Welcome to my world, now pull up a chair and let’s get at it!

    Xo Martha

    PS – If you want to get started on the right foot and set your business up for success from the beginning, make sure you check out my freebie library. There are resources in there for every stage of your business journey!
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